In The Dark

In the Dark is a platform / puzzle game we are currently working on. You play as Bump, a monster who finds himself stranded and just wants to get home and crawl under the bed.

To monsters light is a solid object, This is why they prefer to live in caves, under bridges, and in closets.  If  light engulfs one it will be trapped and eventually disappear. Bump must use this to his advantage to avoid danger as he is not a terribly threatening monster himself. Bump has many obstacles and adversaries to overcome and he’d better find home before sunrise!

In The Dark is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We plan to release it with no DRM and anyone who buys it will have access to all versions.

If you would like to help support the development of this game, preorder by clicking one of the Amazon buttons on the right. Special Edition will come with extra levels, concept art and making of material.

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