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We’re still here!

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an update.

We’re working hard on In The Dark but are still short on funds so progress has been slower than we would like.

The past week has mostly gone into getting the map editor to be more usable, with features like copy / paste, undo, and recovery of maps from close / crash without saving.

In other news, only 2 days left if you want to support us through Paypal , thanks to everyone who has already preordered, we couldn’t do this without you!

New Light Stuff

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I rewrote a lot of the lamp code recently to add some new features. Most obviously, In The Dark now has colored lights! These probably won’t have any effect on the game play (at least, they don’t right now) but it means we can include much more variety in light sources. Less obvious is improved scripting for lamps, it was needed for things that show up in later levels like stoplights:

Also we will be at Intervention in DC this weekend. We are mainly going because of Kerry’s comics but we’ll all be there, so stop by and say hi and maybe we’ll have a demo you can play.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone thats supported us so far, we’ve raised over $2200! Thank you so much!


Monster Contest Winners

Friday, September 9th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago we ran a contest on Deviant Art for people to come up with their own monsters for In The Dark and we got some great entries!

It was tough to narrow it down to our three favorites but here they are:

Pinappleapple’s entry was animated! We liked that
it actually has some potential for creating more
intricate puzzles and its overall ridiculousness.



And the entry that will be in the final game is APPUL’s!


Zazz96’s entry Cappie has a great awkwardness to him and
manages to be threatening and cute at the same time.



It’s simple, silly, and immediately gave us some fun ideas to play with.
We liked its kind of terrible teeth, and its suction cup like feet.

So it’s going to be in the game! All three will receive copies of In The Dark when it comes out. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and you can check out the list of entries over here.

Amazon Payments

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

We realize not everyone is comfortable with using Paypal, so we added Amazon payment buttons for standard preorders.

The final retail price for In The Dark will be $20, and the special edition will be unavailable so order now!

Support us Through PayPal

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Our Kick Starter did not reach its goal on time. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still going to finish In The Dark!

To help out you can now sponsor us through paypal here or click the donate button. We are offering all the same rewards as on the Kick Starter page until October 1, here’s what you can get:


$15 or more: A copy of In The Dark when it comes out!

$20 or more: Special Edition of In The Dark when it comes out with extra stuff and your name in the credits!

$30 or more: Special Edition, credit, plus a signed piece of artwork from us!

$50 or more: Special Edition, credit, plus a Tshirt or poster signed by us! (please specify when donating including shirt size)

$70 or more: Special Edition, credit, plus the shirt and the poster! (specify shirt size please)

$100 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and you’ll be an official beta tester!

$250 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and an original piece of artwork, tell us what you would like us to make you!

$350 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and a hand made Bump plushie!

$500 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and we will put something in the game for you! (e.g. your house, a monster, a lamp, etc.)

$1000 or more: Everything and more! you get all the stuff above, and we’ll give you other unique things, you decide!


Thanks again for all your support! We couldn’t do this without you guys. If you have any questions or comments let us know, and we’ll get in touch with you if we need you to clarify anything in the rewards.  Heres what the shirt and poster look like:




Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

We have a Kickstarter page now! Check it out!

Any contribution helps, for $20 you will get a copy of In The Dark when it comes out! Give more and you can get other cool stuff. Please take a look.

If we can meet our funding goal, In The Dark could be finished in a matter of months. We need money to get some hardware for testing on, and if we can cover basic expenses for a few months we can work on the game full time.

Whats new?

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Its been about a month since the last update. We’ve been a little busy and I’ve forgotten to post anything. What have we been up to?

A lot of work has been going into getting the map editor to the point that anyone can use it. It does a much better job at properly saving and loading things, and pretty much everything can be created in it in a more WYSIWYG style.

Also a lot of random technical things, such as physics bugs and memory leaks have been patched.

We’re starting to concentrate more on designing puzzles and boss monsters, it looks like we’ll probably end up with 3 to 5 bosses total, still lots to be done. We’ve got some stuff coming up later this week, so expect another post soon.

Back to Work

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Various things (mostly hardware issues) made this take about a month longer than it should have, but we can now dedicate more of our time and energy into getting In The Dark finished.  A lot of things have been rewritten from the ground up. We’re working on several new animations and monsters, the map editor is now more intuitive, and the game is more stable in general. Perhaps most importantly, I will be posting updates more often.



Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Hope everybody is having fun!

IGF Contestants Announced!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

The contestants for the 13th Independent Games Festival have been announced. We are happy to say that we are among them! There are a lot of really cool games this year, you should look through them if you haven’t already. The list is located here.

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