Putting Together a Demo

We were trying to get a short demo ready for IGF this year but we didn’t make the deadline. Rather than let the effort go to waste, we are going to use it as a sort of alpha for our beta testers.

We are currently trying to get it ready (better controller support, data logging of a few things, more Mac / Linux testing, a boss monster which you’ll have to wait to see in action) but hopefully we’ll be able to send that out in a few weeks. After we get feedback and make any needed changes we’ll see about releasing it publicly.

I see that people seemed to like my write up on Bump’s footing detection, so I’ll write more posts like that in the future. I’m sure some of you might be interested in how the level editor or the lights actually work.

In other news we are in the process of ordering the shirts and posters. Because they are small bulk orders they may take a little while to get to us. Thanks again everybody! and don’t forget that you can still preorder or donate! Every dollar allows us to spend more time working on In The Dark.

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  1. Sunit Says:

    Again, much encouragement… I’ve commented previously about distribution options, and as a Linux user, I was pleased to be accepted into Desura’s beta test of their client for Linux! It works GREAT, and has only minor hiccups so far.

    There are a few things of possible interest to your group, first is that Linux folks tend to be a bit more adventurous, in terms of beta software (and paying for it), second is that their client is working *right now* for digital distribution on both Windows (for some time now) and Linux (I’ve been downloading & running games for a couple of weeks now); third, they have a provision for pre-orders, paid pre-orders for downloadable betas, and an alpha-funding program! Also, your game’s page would have a comment-thread/forums space underneath the description area (which holds a video trailer and a photo gallery for the game).

    I don’t know what slice of the pie they want, but this seems like a fantastic way to be able to keep your beta group up to date with game revisions (like a cross-platform Steam client), get pre-order monies (and they do not require that you take purchases solely through them if you sign up, meaning that you can leave the paypal/amazon buttons on your site). I love it so far (hopelessly hooked on Atom Zombie Smasher, currently…).

    Basically, read that: http://www.desura.com/groups/desura/news/alphafunding-for-indie-games

    BTW, I noticed that you reference Unigine in your game-engine sidebar; Unigine game “Oilrush” is in Linux beta on Desura right now, FYI 🙂

  2. Mark Says:

    I’m glad to hear that the Linux version works well. We’ve looked into Desura and will probably be using it as a distribution method, but not much can be said until In The Dark is a little closer to finished.
    Nice to see Oilrush hit beta, it looks like a lot of fun.

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