Thanks Everybody!

We raised over $2500! We will be ordering the shirts and posters as soon as we get some people’s sizing information and verify some addresses. We will continue to accept PayPal for a little while with all the other rewards, but the shirts will no longer be available after we’ve placed the order for them.
In other news, we’re working on getting a demo ready for beta testers and IGF, our schedules allowing. We’ll post more news as it happens.

Thanks again everybody!

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2 Responses to “Thanks Everybody!”

  1. Triscy Says:

    Hey, I’m guessing the Kickstarter funds weren’t delivered to you. Is it still possible for me to grab a special edition, since I was trying to with Kickstarter?

  2. Mark Says:

    Sure thing, either through the paypal donate button or using the amazon payment button.

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