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Our Kick Starter did not reach its goal on time. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still going to finish In The Dark!

To help out you can now sponsor us through paypal here or click the donate button. We are offering all the same rewards as on the Kick Starter page until October 1, here’s what you can get:


$15 or more: A copy of In The Dark when it comes out!

$20 or more: Special Edition of In The Dark when it comes out with extra stuff and your name in the credits!

$30 or more: Special Edition, credit, plus a signed piece of artwork from us!

$50 or more: Special Edition, credit, plus a Tshirt or poster signed by us! (please specify when donating including shirt size)

$70 or more: Special Edition, credit, plus the shirt and the poster! (specify shirt size please)

$100 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and you’ll be an official beta tester!

$250 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and an original piece of artwork, tell us what you would like us to make you!

$350 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and a hand made Bump plushie!

$500 or more: SE, credit, shirt, poster, and we will put something in the game for you! (e.g. your house, a monster, a lamp, etc.)

$1000 or more: Everything and more! you get all the stuff above, and we’ll give you other unique things, you decide!


Thanks again for all your support! We couldn’t do this without you guys. If you have any questions or comments let us know, and we’ll get in touch with you if we need you to clarify anything in the rewards.  Heres what the shirt and poster look like:



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5 Responses to “Support us Through PayPal”

  1. Roy Says:

    Game looks great. I will definitely donate when I get paid. Just a quick question; how will you sign the shirt if it’s black? White marker, maybe?

  2. Mark Says:

    Either that or we could sign on the glow in the dark part, I do have concerns about it rubbing off if we do that so we’ll see after we order them.

  3. rafa Says:

    hey guys:

    your game looks effin cool, keep up the good work! sometimes sh!t happens but you just need to drink a beer and continue onward. congrats for what looks like a k1ckass game!

  4. Sunit Says:

    How about IndieGoGo?? There aren’t many quality game projects there (I think this was noted in a comment on the kickstarter), and less than the full funding level can still be awarded. Your kickstarter passed $7K… you may be able to raise at least half that through this other means.

    Just a thought.

    Of course, you could do a $5000 kickstarter, use that to get further, and then run another $5000 kickstarter, showing your accomplishments and how far the first round has gone (perhaps video clips demoing rough ports working on your three target platforms). The exclusive awards for your best backers can become more conservative the second time around (or cost more!).

    At any rate, I missed out on a chance to help your kickstarter be more successful.

    However, there is no way I could have brought an extra ~$3K to it, even by raising awareness and excitement amongst my circle of friends in the kickstarter Linux community (probably closer to ~$300-400 tops), who are all eager to see quality games developed natively for us. The end result of that situation would still have been more awareness, but still an unfunded kickstarter.

    So, maybe this can be a blessing in disguise; I’m motivated to donate directly via paypal now, and still tell my buddies, especially my other programmer buddies with kids who are desperately trying to find good DRM-free Linux games that one can play with their little daughters and sons.

    Take heart that there will be ways to distribute if you can finish! Consider the indie developers who’ve sold games via the Humble Indie bundles. It’s clear that their cross-platform ports have been very helpful for those sales. I believe that In The Dark is innovative enough, and could be a high-quality addition to another Humble Indie bundle. Also consider that Desura is a highly indie-friendly digital distribution service for Windows games, and has Mac OS X and Linux clients under heavy development right now (scuttlebutt has it that the Linux client is nearing beta).

    I just wanted to give you some words of encouragement. As rafa has noted above, beer can also help… 🙂

  5. Mark Says:

    Thanks! We have been looking at possibly trying it out over there. In the short term though, Paypal and Amazon preorders mean we won’t need to ask for as much in the future. Currently we’ve brought in about $2k, and the fees are lower, about 4% on average vs 6-9% on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. We’ll see, we may not need anything else if we keep this up.

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