IGF Contestants Announced!

The contestants for the 13th Independent Games Festival have been announced. We are happy to say that we are among them! There are a lot of really cool games this year, you should look through them if you haven’t already. The list is located here.


3 Responses to “IGF Contestants Announced!”

  1. Kory Vandenberg Says:

    Hi, I really like the look of your game =)

    Would live to get my hands on it, any chance you’ll be releasing a demo?

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks! It will probably be a while before I can get a demo available but I’d like to release one so we’ll see what happens

  3. Kory Vandenberg Says:

    Well if you do get one let me know and good luck at IGF. I’ve run through all of the games now and this is deffinately one of my favorites. Really cool concept =)

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